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“Hope” and “Inspiration” are way cool

kitten 1kitten 2

I am very happy because I am going to get to meet two new friends. These are their pictures. They are so little and cute and their names are “Hope” and “Inspiration” and they are kittens. Well I bet you already knew that. Anyway, they are way cool and do you know why? Well, it’s because they were born without perfect bodies. They play and chase the perfect bodied kittens around and they really enjoy life! I love it that being different doesn’t bother them at all. I think that makes them very cool. Don’t you agree? I bet you do!


fireworksWe just had a very big explosion in our house and there was smoke everywhere. We were all in my mom’s office with her and then we heard a loud bunch of bangs and then smelled a burning smell. My mom ran upstairs and shouted a “sort of” bad word. Then she kept calling herself stupid and she isn’t stupid so I didn’t understand why she kept saying that…until we were allowed to go upstairs. My mom really goofed this time! Do you want to know what she did? Well, I’ll tell you.  Earlier, she put some eggs in a pot to boil and to make hard boiled eggs and then she forgot about them. The explosions that we heard were eggs going berserk after the water boiled out of the pot. There were exploded eggs and shells everywhere! They were on the ceiling, refrigerator, stove, oven, countertop, floor, table, chairs, windows and everywhere! As I watched her clean up the mess, I felt bad until she said, “Don’t worry Rugby. It could have been worse. We might have had a real fire. Exploded eggs are just not a big deal even if they are everywhere. We will laugh at this later.” I didn’t tell my mom that I was already laughing!

I just love being different!

Guess what? I am very excited because I just found out that I might be getting a new baby brother! I hope I do ‘cuz I have so much to teach him about life and how awesome it is. I wonder if he will be a Scottish Terrier or a Jack Russell or a PembrokeContinue Reading

Swine flu!

My mom isn’t afraid of swine flu! Guess how I know that? I bet you can!

Eleanor Roosevelt was a very smart lady!

Someone just told me something that Eleanor Roosevelt said. She was President Roosevelt’s wife and she lived a long time ago. She said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.” She was a very smart lady ‘cuz she knew that even in her old days. I think I say it differently but IContinue Reading

Pain! I understand now!!

Do you ever get sick and feel bad? Well, I sure do and so does my mom! She has had a bad headache for almost a week and I didn’t understand how bad she felt until today. I figured out how awful her headache was when I got one today. Can you guess what happened?Continue Reading

The “Tail” of Rugby Jones…A Rascal’s Journey From Disability To Ability

Guess what? It looks like finally my book will be on the shelves shortly afte Labor Day! How cool is that? I can’t wait to help everyone appreciate what they have and what they are. Don’t forget…The “Tail of Rugy Jones A Rascal’s Journey From Disability To Ability! Aaaaaand, the stuffed Rugby Dog will beContinue Reading

Pretty Is As Pretty Does!

Remember how funny Katie looked when I did the post about her “Bad Hair Day?” Well, now that the rain has stopped, her hair finally settled down a bit. As she looked in the mirror today, she asked me, “Ruggy, see how pretty my hair looks again. You do think it looks pretty, don’t you?” Continue Reading

Yeehawh! @Dusel or Dustin is awake!

Yeehawh! See, I told you that if you believe…anything is possible! I am very smart and I know about these things because they are true! Yeehawh! Justin is awake! How cool is that? Way cool! Don’t you agree?

A miniature horse named Shorty!

Today, I want to tell you about two of my new friends.  One is named Romeo and the other one is named Shorty. Romeo is a very big dog. He is a Giant Schnauzer and he is very nice. Shorty is a miniature paint horse. Romeo is taller than Shorty. Can  you believe that aContinue Reading