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Shiloh Pepin Is My New Hero

shilohShiloh Pepin was given 72 hours to live shortly after she was born. Do you want to know why? Well, I’ll tell you. She was born with a rare birth defect called sirenomelia which is also known as mermaid syndrome. She was born with her two legs fused together so she looks kind of like a mermaid.

Guess what? She is 10 years old now. How cool is that?  I like her a lot even though we haven’t met yet ‘cuz she is way cool.  She is very smart and very courageous and guess what? She has taken being different to a whole new level. I heard that there are fewer than 8 kids with the same disorder.  This syndrome only occurs once in 60,000 births and most of the kids don’t make it.

Shiloh is like me ‘cuz her mom says she likes to be the center of attention too. One time her mom asked, “Why has my daughter survived? Has someone forgotten to tell her she is supposed to die?”

Shiloh is my new hero ‘cuz of what she thinks about being different. She said, “Some people are the same. Some people are different. Some people are short. Some people are tall. Look, I’m not saying this all together, but some people just like the way I am.” You can see Shiloh Pepin on YouTube

All I can say to Shiloh is you go girl! You are teaching the world what optimism can do for anyone! You are my hero!