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The right attitude is what makes all the difference

I was just thinking about the reasons why I have been able to overcome so many things and why I am so happy, why I love life so much and why people love me so much! Well, I think I have it figured it out!

  • When things went wrong in my life, I had two choices…be sad or be happy!
  • I wanted a full and happy life so I had to do what was needed to make that happen.
  • I realized that every person and every animal has things that go wrong in their lives so why was I any different?
  • I came to know individuals who were stuck in the quick sand of their pity parties and they weren’t happy. They couldn’t escape the sadness ‘cuz they didn’t focus on helping others. They only thought about themselves.
  • I met other ones who were worse off but they were grateful for all of the wonderful things in their lives and focused on those things and not on their troubles. Guess what? Those were the happy and successful ones.
  • I wanted the kind of life that those people had so I tried to be more like them. Guess what? It worked!
  • Yippee! I got the diploma in achieving happiness that was infectious! (If I do say so myself!)

It is a wonderful feeling to have people, especially kids see that happiness is all about attitude. Did you know that I have a great attitude? I’m sure you do or you wouldn’t be here! Right?

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A new beginning with a new baby brother!


Well, it’s almost time for my new baby brother to come home and I’m very excited!!! Babies can be a lot of work but I am ready to help any way I can.  Besides the house breaking part, the first thing I want to teach him is to respect others and treat them the way he wants to be treated.

That’s the rule in our house and if we ever are disrespectful to our Mom or anyone else we are in big trouble! I think that’s a good thing though because that way, we learn that there is value in everyone no matter how they look, how they think, how they walk, how they see or how they hear. Don’t you agree?

I think it’s really great to live where everyone knows that he or she will have a chance to be different in all kinds of ways and still be respected and loved for who they are. I’m sure my baby brother will learn that very quickly because after all, he’s a lot like me and I know all about these things.

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