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Being A Cupcake Can Help Self Esteem!

Well, it’s true and I will tell you why! I have a new friend and her name is Mary Kate and she is fifteen years old. Mary Kate uses a wheelchair just like I do. Her mom is very smart because she knew that the other kids were getting dressed in costumes at school and she wanted Mary Kate to be included in the group.

So guess what she did? She made a costume for Mary Kate that went all around her wheelchair and looked like a cupcake. She made a hat for Mary Kate that looked like the frosting on the cupcake. Mary Kate looked just adorable! Maybe almost as adorable as I am!

I think it is so awesome that some parents are so proud of their kids and what they are accomplishing, even if they have disabilities! Mary Kate’s mom is the kind of mom that all special needs kids should have!

I love Mary Kate and her mom and I bet you do too! Are they way cool or what? I might just want to be a cupcake next Halloween too… but a boy cupcake with blue frosting!

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Kids Can Be Smarter Than Adults!

I am so excited because I am helping kids and parents who have disabled people or animals in their lives! Guess why? Well, it’s ‘cuz I am teaching them that just ‘cuz someone’s body or mind isn’t perfect, they are still cool and they still have feelings and they still have things to offer others and make this world a better place.

Look at this picture. It’s a picture that one of my new friends drew of herself, her friend and yours truly! I am just adorable even in this picture. Don’t you agree?

See how the girl and the Mom are so happy that they are with me? Well, they are ‘cuz they know how cool I am. I am the one with the wheels in case you didn’t know that!

Yeehawh! Pass it on! Okay?

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Are you blind?

I hear kids say so often, “Are you blind?” They say it a lot when kids make mistakes in sports. Whenever I hear that I feel sad because it’s like those kids are putting down blind people. You know what? It takes just one special person to care about someone who is disabled in order… Continue Reading

A Haitian Boy: Jean-Pierre

The earthquake in Haiti is heartbreaking. There are so many injuries including spinal cord injuries because of the buildings falling down. My mom used to spend a lot of time there and she loves the Haitian people, especially the children. She said that the poverty in Haiti is unbelievable. She told me that she wanted… Continue Reading

Tax Credit for Pet Owners

Do you know about taxes? Well I do, so I’ll tell you. Tax is the money collected by government for income, a product or an activity. Some people pay less in taxes because they get tax credits. Tax credits are kind of like coupons. Here is an example. It’s kind of like shopping at the… Continue Reading

Blue Dye: Helping Spinal Injuries!

I just heard something on the T.V. that made me very excited! Someone on CNN said that “The same blue food dye found in M&Ms and Gatorade could be used to reduce damage caused by spine injuries, offering a better chance of recovery… According to new research…the University of Rochester Medical Center found that when… Continue Reading

Paralympics 2010 Yippee!

Do you know about the Olympics? Well, I do so I’ll tell you. The Olympic Games started in the Greek city called Olympia. In the beginning, every competitor had to be Greek born. The first sort of modern Olympic Games began in 1896. Wow! That’s over 100 years ago! Little by little the games became… Continue Reading