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Help someone!

I was so surprised when a friend called today and that friend was almost reading my mind when he offered to help me with something! I thanked him so much and I am so happy that he is my friend.

You need to try to help kids even when you know you won’t get anything out of it.  The best part is after you help someone, you will be helped when you least expect any help. I know about this because it has happened to me a lot in my life.

I think that true friends are one of the very best things in life. They build you up and care when you need it.

Please don’t forget that if you ever need a lift up, help lift someone else up!

Did anything like that ever happen to you? If it did, will you tell me about it?

Photo by Superhua

We Have “Dif-abilities” Not Disabilities!

Guess what? If you believe you can, you can! I am proof of that and I want you to be proof of that too.  Do you know what you need to do? Well, I’ll tell you.

When something is hard to do and it doesn’t seem fair that the other kids don’t have to deal with the same things that you do, it’s easy to feel sad. Sometimes, you don’t think your life will get better.

That is the exact time you need to take some action. Trust me. I know all about this because I have been there.

If you keep thinking about how great your life would be “IF” you didn’t have whatever the thing is that makes you different from the other kids, things won’t get better.

Guess what? This is the great news. You need to own the person you are, just like you own your name. You need to see and feel that you are very special and that you can have a great life.

When I learned that my disability could really turn into my special ability, everything began to change. You need to think of good words that describe you. That’s what I did and then little by little I began to learn that those good words turned into more and more good words and all of the good words described how great I am.

Just ‘cuz we have some “differentness,”  it doesn’t mean that we aren’t capable. It just means that we might have to tackle things in a different way.

I have figured out a way better word for disability ‘cuz I really don’t like that word. Do you know why?

Well, it’s ‘cuz disability isn’t a word that makes me feel good about myself.

Guess what word I invented? How cool is this? The word is “dif-ability” and it is short for a different ability. So that word tells me that I have ability that is different and that makes it a good word. That makes me feel good about myself and way cool. Don’t you agree?