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What Kids Need To Do

I think that a big part of the reason that kids don’t want to tell adults about  important things is that they can’t trust that the adults will not let everyone know the kid who “told.”

All it takes to have kids turn on a kid who tries to do the right thing by reporting an important event is to have the adult tell others that he or she was a “tattletale.” Plus, then other kids will be afraid to do the same thing.

I think teachers need to be more approachable and be great at keeping confidences. I think they need know that most kids do not want to “rat” on anyone.

I also think that parents need to be able to communicate their worries to teachers without their kids having to deal with any consequences.

I am going to try to think of an idea of how kids could report something without having to tell their names. That means anonymously. Sure, there might be some dumb stuff that way but there might be that one thing that saves a kid’s life. I think that is really a good idea. Don’t you?

Do you who what Rugby? I think you are exactly right because I remember when your human brothers and sister were in school. They never would be “tattletales” and sometimes they got in trouble because they took the blame for things they didn’t do.

No matter how hard I tried to convince them that there were times that they needed to let an adult know the facts, they just wouldn’t. Maybe you are right that an anonymous way that kids could “tell” something important is a really good idea. Let’s see if any of our friends can suggest something. In the meantime, let’s try to come up with some ideas. You are one smart guy Rugby!

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Bullies in the Curriculum?

Bullies can be deadly and too often parents and teachers, in their ignorance, help bullies thrive.

I don’t remember any bullies when I was young but I vaguely remember some of the kids who were “picked on.” Obviously, I wasn’t being picked on or I would remember that part.  I would wager that the kids who were picked on remember all of the specifics!

My Mom used to tell me to always be kind and to “turn the other cheek” when someone was unkind. My dad used to tell me to “hit back” if someone hit me. I’m sure the same opposing opinions occur today.

“Sticks and stones can break your bone but words can never hurt you” is probably the biggest lie that parents can tell their kids. I believe with all of my heart that it is an unintentional lie but it is not a harmless lie. Why? It’s because it is not true. It’s because children who are picked on or bullied suffer so much that they can become depressed. In too many cases that depression can lead to horrible endings.

Please parents and teachers, read the newspapers, watch the news, listen to the news but even more importantly listen to what your kids are saying and what they aren’t saying. As adults, you are in charge the children’s world and you need to own that position and take responsibility for it. You need to acknowledge who you are and the power you have over what happens in the lives of children.

Rugby says it in the most simple of terms.  He sees that self esteem plays a huge role.

Well, it’s about time that the TV people are beginning to talk about bullies. Today, Dr. Phil is doing a show about bullies and guess what? On the preview of the show, I heard words similar to these “What’s important is how the bullied kids feel about themselves and  how much self esteem they have.”

Well, DUH! That’s exactly what I have been trying to say in my very own words for ever! Kids who are bullied would stop the bullies in their tracks if they had confidence in themselves and if they were confident that they had the support of  EVERYONE in their schools, on their playgrounds and in their daycare centers.

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