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Queen Rania and Rugby Jones: Spreading The Word

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordon is very smart and she’s pretty too. I might not be a king but I am almost as smart and very adorable. Don’t you agree?

The Sandwich Swap is the book that Queen Rania wrote and even though it is different from my book, The “Tail” of Rugby Jones: A Rascal’s Journey From Disability To Ability, they both are about understanding and loving differences and that is such a great message to teach kids all over the world.

Queen Rania has her own website and blog just like I do. She is trying to help children understand that being different can be great.

She teaches about differences like religious and cultural differences. I teach more about physical, emotional and mental differences. We are both sharing our experiences and that is so way cool.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah and I are spreading the same word about the same things. I think we are both about believing and achieving spite of our differences. I sure hope that my mom, Claudia Broome and I get to meet her someday ‘cuz she is so way cool! Don’t you agree?

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Anti-Bully Bracelets

Well, I am very happy because we have found out that my Rugby Jones I Can Do Anything bracelets are helping kids who are being bullied and kids who are the bullies.

How way cool is that? Here’s what is happening. The kid who wears the bracelet just stretches it a little and then snaps it when a worried thought comes to mind. That little zing reminds that kid that either…I am special and don’t deserve to be bullied…I need to report the bullying event to an adult…bullies are not popular.

It is so way cool that I am helping kids understand that bullying is a very bad thing, is never fun and nobody should ever bully anyone.

How cool is this? I even heard that some some teachers are wearing my wristbands to let all the kids know that they are approachable and will take bullying reports seriously and will keep the confidence of the kid who reports a bully or a bullied kid so that that kid won’t get picked on for doing the right thing.

Bust A Bully Team

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Build Self Esteem Quickly!

Everyone needs to understand that high self esteem is a requirement to succeed and survive in schools today. It’s so easy to feel sad if you aren’t just like the other kids. It’s so easy to feel down when some kids say mean things to you. Those of you who know about my story know… Continue Reading