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Katie Isn’t Perfect Anymore

Katie with an ear bandage

I feel very sad because our beautiful little Katie isn’t perfect anymore. She had a lump on her ear and we had to take her to the doctor and he said that a big part of her ear should be removed so that if it is a malignant tumor she would get better.

She was so adorable and it makes me sad that she won’t be perfect anymore. Hey wait! Guess what I just thought about? I am not perfect either but I am still adorable. Don’t you agree?

Maybe Katie will be even better than she was before because now she will understand just like I do that perfection isn’t what’s important in life. What’s important is taking pride in who and what you are and living life to the fullest!

Yippee!!! Katie isn’t perfect any more and that will teach her how way cool it is to be different. I hope she learns that adversity comes with a gift! Yippee! I am so happy for Katie! You are too…right?

Rugby Jones Was Bullied

Angry Cat

Well, since I owned up on my last blog entry now I have to tell you how I felt when I was the target of bullying.  I felt bad and I felt scared and I felt like I was a loser. Plus, I don’t like getting hurt and that cat Miracle was a bully when she scratched my nose and that hurt.

I tried to stay away from her but she was everywhere.  It seemed like where ever I went, she was there.  The part that really made me sad was that she didn’t act mean to the other dogs…only to me.

Do you ever wonder why you are the one who is picked on?

Photo by Hannibal Poenard

I Was A Bully

I have been feeling very guilty and I’ll tell you why. You know how much I am on a mission to stop bullies right? Well there is something I didn’t tell you. Well, I talk about it in my book but I haven’t said it here so I need to tell you now, okay? IContinue Reading

The Leopard & The Mouse

The photographer watched and didn’t know where the mouse came from. He just appeared after the meat had been given to the leopard. The mouse didn’t seem to notice his predicament. He just started to eat the meat. The leopard was surprised and sniffed at the mouse and flinched as if she was a bitContinue Reading

Oscar: The Bionic Cat

Oscar is a cat who lost his two back feet  in a columbine harvester accident. I bet the driver felt awful when it happened but I am sure he feels better now and I’ll tell you why. Guess why? Well, a doctor in England did a surgery on Oscar that allowed him to have twoContinue Reading

The Karate Kid Sends A Wrong Message

Well, I just found out about a way cool kid and I like him a lot even though I haven’t met him. He is very smart and he gives his honest opinion about movies. Guess what? He is only 11 years old and his name is “Lights Camera Jackson.” Well, that’s what he is calledContinue Reading

Dog Summer Camps

Summer Camp Sign Guess what I just found out? There are now camps for dogs too! That is so way cool. Don’t you agree? I heard someone say that it’s because dogs are becoming part of the family. Well, who didn’t know that? Uhh…Didn’t they know who is man’s, woman’s and kid’s “best friend?” ThisContinue Reading

Physical Bullying

So here is another tip for kids before summer camps and other activities begin. Hopefully there won’t be kids who will be physical bullies BUT if there are, kids need to do a few things to keep safe. If a kid is afraid of real danger with a bully, an adult MUST be told soContinue Reading

Bullying Targets: Is It Your Own Fault?

Now, as summer approaches and you are going to be with some new kids, you need to make one change if you have been bullied in the past. I want you to think about something very important.  Is it possible that  you caused the repeated bullying events directed at you?  I bet you are sayingContinue Reading

Alex’s Lemonade Stands

Okay. So you know how I love heroes, right? Well, I want to tell you about another hero of mine and her name was Alexandra Scott. One of the reasons why I want to tell you about her is so that you will understand just how important a positive attitude is when life is hard.Continue Reading