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The Choking Game

Have you heard about the “Choking Game?” Parents, you need to talk to your kids about this right away.

The Center for Disease control has surveyed kids about this awful game and the numbers are scary. They found out that 1 in 36 kids knows about it and 1 in 15 teens have tried it. I just can’t understand why kids would want to take any chances with their lives but some do! Some kids are also bullied into trying it.

The game is becoming more popular, especially in middle schools and it is  very dangerous. Kids are trying to get high by choking themselves or their friends for a brief time. Because their oxygen is cut off, they experience a high. Once these kids do it once, they become addicted to the feeling and repeat it often. Kids who try to do the choking game alone, are the most likely to die when things go wrong.

There are some warning signs but too often there are no warning signs. That’s why parents need to talk to their kids right away.

Here are some of the clues that a kid might be playing the Choking Game:

  • Marks or bruises on the neck
  • Dropping grades
  • Blood shot eyes
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Mood changes
  • Wearing scarves or high neck clothing
  • Ropes or ties in their rooms

Talk to your kids about this right away. Please. If you think any kid might be doing the “Choking Game,” please get help.

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Spray Can

Huffing! I want to talk to you parents and kids about something very serious. We recently heard about a girl in our town, who had a fatal car accident at about four in the afternoon. Her car ran into a tree and she died. She was only seventeen years old.

When the police came to the scene of the accident, they found her slumped body in the car and many cans of compressed air spray, in the car. They were the kind that are used to blow the dust off of computer keyboards.

Later, her parents found out that she was doing something called huffing when she was driving and that is why she crashed into the tree. Her parents later admitted that she had been cyber-bullied and they worried that she might have been depressed.

There are so many kids who breathe in these chemical vapors in order to get high and it is so very dangerous because it causes brain damage or death-even the first time! Sometimes kids do this because they are being bullied into doing it. Sometimes they do it to feel better about themselves because they have low self esteem.

Please, if you know anyone who is or might be huffing, get them help!!! Please!

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The Key To Stopping Bullies

Guess what parents and kids? Now you can read or download and print The Rugby Jones No Bully Zones manual and it is free of charge. This is such an important subject and our manual gives you a ton of information that bullied kids, bullies and parents need to know and explains what everyone needsContinue Reading

He Swam The English Channel At Fifty Nine!

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Eric Did It!

Guess what? We just received an email that made us so happy! Our book is really showing parents and kids how to change their lives from being defenseless and powerless into lives that are built on inner strength, confidence and the ability to overcome! The mother of a boy named Eric told us that afterContinue Reading

Bullies: Beware ~ Parents: Be Aware!

I am very excited because my human mom is helping kids and parents learn about bullying. She told me that a lot of parents don’t know that their kids have been bullied. She said that a lot of the kids are embarrassed or afraid to tell their parents because of how they might react. SheContinue Reading


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The Thousand Islands

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Self Esteem Test

Hey Guys! These are some important questions that parents should ask kids and kids should ask themselves. Do you know why? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s ‘cuz the way you answer these questions will give you an idea of how much self esteem you have. The amount of self esteem you have is directly relatedContinue Reading

Digital Abuse: Cyber-Bullying

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