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Target Practice: Your Child?

You may have heard of William Tell who lived in the 1300’s. He was known as an expert shot with the bow and arrow. History tells that when when Tell refused to give his allegiance to the  emperor of Austria, he was arrested. His punishment was forcing him to shoot an apple off the head of his son, Walter. Otherwise, both would be executed. Tell was promised freedom if he successfully made the shot. He hit the apple and they lived happily after.

That was then and this is now. As so often happens, history repeats itself.

This time in a different way but the lesson is the same regarding bullies terrorizing children who might be a target.

A family just contacted us about a recent event that left two young sisters, ages 11 and 12 absolutely terrified. Apparently, as they walked home from the first day of school, several kids threatened to shoot them.

These bullies were having target practice against some hay bales near where the girls lived. They had full size bows and arrows and there was no adult supervision present. The three troublemakers raised their bows and drew back the bow strings with the arrows pointed at the girls.

The young girls ran to a friend’s house because they were afraid to try and get past their tormentors for fear of being shot.

Parents please be vigilant when it comes to your children’s activities. You need to protect them from anyone who might use them as target practice.

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Sibling Bullying

Did you know that as many as 53 out of 100 children abuse a brother or sister? That number is higher than the number of parents who abuse their children and higher than the number of spouses who abuse their partners.

The frightening part is that parents often don’t have a clue that there is sibling abuse going on in their families.

Just like any abuse, sibling abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual. It can be mild to severe.

Often parents expect fighting and aggression among siblings because that is what society expects. They believe that there should be a pecking order with their children.

What is the difference between sibling rivalry and sibling abuse? If one child is always the victim and one is always the bully, it is sibling abuse.

How do you know if one of your children is abusing another? The same signs that apply to all bullying apply. Parents must be vigilant and be open to the fact that sibling abuse might be going on.

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