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Another Kid Bullied To Death

Do any of your children strut? Do any of them run with the most popular crowd? Do any of your children gossip? Do any of your children look down on others because they are different? (We’ll save the whys for another post!) Is your child a bully?

In and of themselves, these characteristics don’t make your child a bully. But if your child exhibits these characteristics, you need to open your eyes and ears to the possibility that your child is a bully.

In an effort to help you understand the what ifs, imagine yourself in a frightening  but possible future. Imagine that you are the parents of Dharun Ravi or Molly Wei.

Why? The answer is that these two eighteen year old kids are accused of playing a role in the suicide of Tyler Clementi. Tyler Clementi was different from these two kids and they are accused of cyber-bullying him.

How would you feel if your child was responsible for a child’s suicide because he or she was a bully?

A child who was described by Diana Wade ~ violinist with Ridgewood Symphony Orchestra this way, “He was so incredibly talented. I could not believe how good he was for such a young boy. He was such a nice kid all the way around. … As a parent, he was the way you want your kids to be — polite, courteous, serious about the work he was doing and a hard worker.”

Parents, we must teach our children that diversity is one of the most valuable attributes of society and this world of ours! We have to stop our children from being bullies! It is our responsibility. The buck stops here! Please!

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Bullying 101

Parents, now is the perfect time to ask your children about bullying. School has been in session for about a month and you need to be on top of this situation right now.

The way you approach this subject should depend on the age of your children.

You need to be acutely aware of what they say, what they don’t say and the looks on their faces in order to get an awareness of what is really happening when your children are NOT with you. Read between the lines!

There are some facts that you need to know.

1. Overweight kids are often targets of bullying.

2. Kids with special needs are often targets of bullying.

3. Kids who are different in any way are often targets of bullying.

4. Kids with low self esteem are often targets of bullying.

5. Kids who are aggressive at home are often aggressive at school.

6. Kids who pick on pets or younger siblings are bullies.

7. Kids who bully are more likely to have police records as teenagers and adults.

Okay! No excuses Mom and Dad, open your eyes and ears now!

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Aspergers and Autism: Diagnosis

We continue to receive emails from parents who start out by saying, “My child hasn’t been diagnosed with autism” or “my child hasn’t been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome.” Then they go on to describe their child as having the “tendencies” or “habits” similar to kids who have been diagnosed with these issues. The thing that… Continue Reading