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Bullying: When It’s Too Late for Sorry

No words are needed for this post except for people who can’t see with their eyes. This is about bullying and how important it is that people talk about it. I will describe what is in the video for them because the message is so important. This a video of a kid who writes mean things on a kid’s picture then rips it up and stomps on it. For some reason the kid is sorry that he had done this. He tries to repair the picture but can’t because the picture can’t be repaired. It shows that with bullying, it’s often too late for sorry!

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Do You Like You?

Parents, teachers and kids…how do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you happily jump out of bed to greet the day?

Do you feel a bit groggy but then as you totally wake up, do you feel excited about what you will be doing during the day?

Do you feel like you would feel better off just to stay in bed? Is it because you didn’t get enough sleep or is it because you are afraid of what the day will bring? Do you feel like you are trapped or powerless?

Do you ever pretend to be sick so that you can avoid the issues you might need to face at work or school?

Think about these things and then, try to figure out exactly what is happening to you. How do you see yourself? Look in the mirror. What and who do you see?

Do you like yourself? Why or why not? Is there a way that you can change any of the things that you don’t like about yourself? Are you different in any way or the same as most people your age?

Here is a suggestion for helping your days to be better. Take out a pen and paper and write a few things down.

Make two columns and put the things that you believe are good about you in the left column. Put the things that you don’t like so much about yourself in the right column.

Which column is longer? The good qualities you think you have or the not so good qualities?

Here’s the thing that you need to understand. Life is all about self esteem and goals. Parents and teachers, your job is to help yourselves with your own self esteem and you must help all kids in your care to increase their own self esteem.

Great or poor self esteem will dictate the success or failures people have in their lives. Think about it. Please.

More in the next few posts.

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