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What Can You Do?

You can do anything!

There is a man by the name of Dan Caro who is such an amazing inspiration. As a two year old, he got third degree burns over 70% of his body in a fire. He was rescued by firefighters and no one expected him to live. Dan did live. He was transported by medivac to Shriners Burn Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dan went through years of reconstructive surgery. He lost his right hand and most of his left hand. In the 1980s he had reconstructive surgery that gave him a movable thumb on his left hand.

Since then, Dan has been living a full and rewarding life. This site is all about differences and how important self esteem is in overcoming adversity. Dan is one of the finest examples of our message here.

Dan proves every day that attitude is what makes the difference and that nothing is impossible.

His dream was to become a drummer and with courage and belief in possibility, he has accomplished that. Dan holds the drumsticks by using a wrist band and rubber bands on his right hand. He is able to grip with the thumb on his other hand.

Because of his passion for music and his courage, Dan has become a respected drummer in the New Orleans area. He has performed with some of the most famous musicians ever.

Dan has become the Ambassador for the Shriners of North America. He speaks professionally and offers motivation to all who see him. He doesn’t live with a poor me attitude. He lives with an I am appreciative and capable attitude. He sees his burn deformity as a gift, without which he could never have had such a fulfilling life.

He has written a book called The Gift of  Fire How I Make Adversity Work for Me.

It might be a really good read for those of you who need some inspiration.

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No Mountain High Enough

People can often learn how to overcome adversity and get past barriers by watching animals. Animals don’t focus on inability. Instead, they focus on ability and possibility.

Animals don’t feel sorry for themselves when things go wrong. They look for hope in hopeless circumstances and in possibility.

People tend to think about the “what ifs?” It is so much less stressful to focus on what is. Then, as the facts become apparent, do what it takes to solve the problems and get past the obstacle in the best way possible.

Diana Ross sang a song that comes to mind. The lyrics were, “Aint no mountain high enough…Aint no valley low enough…Aint no river wide enough…to keep me from…”

You fill in the next verse.

Yes, a lot can be learned from animals. Watch them and take heed.

(For those of you who are regulars here, this is Riley. Riley is Rugby’s little brother. Rugby taught him well!)

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