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Parents Partnering: Pass It On!

The events that are occurring in our schools today are frightening for everyone. School administrators and staff are at a loss. Parents are at a loss. Law enforcement is at a loss. Children are at a loss and children are being lost!

The worst part about the whole situation is the fact that nothing has been successful when it comes to  maintaining the safety and well being of our children.

Our children are depressed. They are bullying or they are  being bullied. They are killing or they are committing suicide. Because of modern technology, they are texting, sexting and spending an outrageous amount of time on social media. All of these things are to their detriment and not their benefit.

So what is the answer? The answer is so simple that it has been overlooked! Parents must partner with other parents to protect their children.

In the days before modern technology, there were call chains. One parent had a list of people to call so as to alert them about a certain event. Think about it in the context of Paul Revere and his message, “The Redcoats Are Coming!”

Paul Revere wanted to save the colonists from harm. Parents want to save their children from harm. It worked then and it can work now.

It just takes communication that is not via the internet. There is power in the spoken word! The power is in  understanding that things are not always what they seem.

Parents who care will dare to communicate and create coalitions with other parents to save their children.

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Clues You Can’t Ignore

You must not wait. You need to check your kids’ clothes, their book bags, sports equipment, musical instrument cases and their bodies.

What you are looking for is any sign of bullying or self inflicted issues. You need to be aware of changes in weight and anything that is missing or “lost.”

Bullying Clues

  • Ripped or marked clothing
  • Contents of book bag a mess – not their usual untidiness. It’s more like what the contents would look like if someone had dumped them on the ground – books that are marked up.
  • Sports equipment and bags – any damage or similar to book bags
  • Musical instrument cases – any damage to instrument – this could be something like violin strings that were cut.
  • Their bodies – Look for bruises or scrapes – take notice if they appear to be covering up their necks.

It is so important to protect your children from being hurt physically or emotionally by bullies. Don’t act like you are “snooping” through their things. You might say something like, “You haven’t played your violin for me in a while. Would you play something?”

Offering to help “organize” their book bags is a great way to see a lot about what goes on with them at school.

Please remember that you must question your kids about any of the above in a way that gets answers.

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