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Feeling Inconsequential Is Excrutiating!

What is bullying really? I am not talking about the dictionary or encyclopedia definition. I am talking about what bullying is and what it does to the people who are being bullied.

How can bullying come in to play?

  • Bullying can involve physical abuse.
  • Bullying can involve emotional abuse in many forms.
  • Bullying can involve gossip.
  • Bullying can involve destroying a person’s dignity via the internet.
  • Bullying can involve a total lack of attention to the fact that a person exists.

When there are no specific breeches of appropriate behavior, authorities do not  take action because they don’t acknowledge any wrong doing. If authorities are to have success with eradicating bullying, they must acknowledge what they can see and what they can’t see.

When people are ignored, they feel unacknowledged and unimportant. When people are ignored or rejected, they try to cope in whatever way they know can. When people are ignored or rejected, they can become depressed because they feel alone an unloved. When people are ignored or rejected, they can think that suicide or murder will offer an escape from the pain that is being inflicted upon them.

When people believe that their very being is inconsequential and invisible, the pain is excruciating. When pain is that excruciating, people try to escape any way they can.

Please, don’t ignore what is not obvious!

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Dharun Ravi Indicted for Hate Crime

It is so important that parents stop bullying behavior before it’s too late for the kid being bullied and the bully. It continues to shock me that there are actually parents who take pride in the fact that their kids are bullying.

If any of you think this way, here is something to think about!

Dharun Ravi, the Rutgers University freshman accused of bullying Tyler Clementi to death, was just charged by the grand jury for committing a hate crime.

He was indicted by New Jersey with 15-counts and he was charged with bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, witness and evidence tampering, among others.

As I’m sure most of you remember, there was a cruel videoing of eighteen year old Tyler Climenti’s private life. Tyler’s roommate Ravi spread the vicious video on the internet. The result was that Tyler Climenti jumped off of the George Washington Bridge and died.

Ravi is also accused of trying to destroy evidence about his Twitter feed where he asked his Twitter followers to watch the video.

Tyler’s parents called Ravi “cold” after the news of the indictment was made public. They said, “The grand jury indictment spells out cold and calculated acts against our son Tyler by his former college roommate. If these facts are true, as they appear to be, then it is important for our criminal justice system to establish clear accountability under the law.”

So parents, think about what this bully is facing. Stop your kids. There is nothing to be proud of and everything to fear.

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Children’s Lessons on Life!

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The Courage of Children

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