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Bullied Kids: Not Fat and Happy

The current statistics show that 1 in 3 kids are overweight or obese. In and of its self, that is a scary thought for health reasons. There are three times as many kids and teens who are overweight now compared to 1963.

If your child is in this category, you need to do something immediately. Being an overweight child has been linked to earlier death rates as adults. Now kids are actually being diagnosed with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and high blood cholesterol.

The frightening statistic is that childhood obesity is the #1 health concern in our country today. Children who are overweight suffer from poor self esteem because they have a negative body image.

Where does that leave these children when they are confronted by bullies? It leaves them in a very precarious position.

Last week, I walked into an office and the woman at the front desk began to help me. I noticed a boy about 12 years old at the desk next to her. He was playing a computer game and drinking a soda. I dealt with the woman for about 10 minutes and during that time I saw the boy eat an entire bag of potato chips and what looked like a box of Oreos. The boy appeared to weigh about 180 pounds.

All I could think was that this child would be a prime target for bullies and his mom wasn’t helping him. In fact she was hurting him by allowing him to eat and drink things that were bad for his health.

I’m guessing that this boy went to his mom’s office every day after school and sat behind a computer and ate junk food. I asked her if that was her son and she told me yes. She said that he spent each afternoon with her because he was being picked on when he rode the bus home.

I didn’t have the opportunity to say anything because several people walked in and it didn’t seem appropriate to broach the subject in front of them. I went back the next day in hopes of talking to the mom but the office was closed for the summer.

I am hoping that this mother wises up before her son becomes ill or bullied even more.

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Our Twitter Friend Doug and His Courageous Story

Those of you who are regulars here know that Twitter and now Twylah are important ways that we share our message about overcoming adversity.

We have some really special friends on Twitter and some have been friends for quite a long time. One of those special friends is Doug. Doug commented on yesterday’s post and it seemed like the perfect time to ask him if he would consider sharing his story.

Guess what? He said, “Yes.”

Doug’s life is all about overcoming adversity. He has given permission to share his story. To use Doug’s words, “I hope it will help empower kids to overcome no matter what.”

Doug has a blood clotting disorder that has caused him to be hospitalized quite a few times. In addition to a learning disability that makes it difficult for him to spell and keep his thoughts in order, he has coordination problems.

If you are thinking about feeling sorry for Doug, DON’T! He has more strength, ability to overcome and “positivity” than most people in this world could ever dream of having.

We asked Doug a few questions and this is what he said,

“It is not our handicap that holds us back but the handicap of the so called normal people that don’t let us try that holds us back.

I just won’t give up on my dreams for if I had then I would have never graduated college for they told me that I would never get through high school.

With help and a never give up attitude, May 1990 I graduated with a degree in Political Science and History. This is how I handle things by just not giving up when everyone says I can’t.”

For you parents, teachers, aunts, uncles and friends of kids with any “dif-ability” pay close attention because you are the ones who can and will make the difference in whether these kids will succeed or fail.

When Doug was asked about what helped him to have the strength and persistence to overcome the obstacles that came in his way he said, “It was my teacher in my independent living class. I got help from the learning center at college and from some very special people that believed in me.”

Learn from Doug because he is an expert in what it takes to overcome adversity and achieve success.

Believe in the kids you love so that they will believe in themselves.

Thank you Doug for sharing your story and making a difference!

You are the man!

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