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Orrin Hudson: A Man On A Mission

I had the pleasure of meeting and watching in action Orrin Hudson this past week. This kind of person and what he is doing to make a difference is what this site is all about. He teaches people, especially kids that anyone can overcome obstacles in life with the right attitude.

Orrin Hudson was a law officer and one night in 2000 while watching TV, he saw a story about seven employees in a store who were shot execution style for $2,000.

He came to the conclusion that, “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.” He made a decision and that decision was to make a difference with inner city kids.

He founded Be Someone and make a difference, he did. He taught kids how the attention, patience and discipline required for the game of chess would teach them life skills. He has helped over 20,000 kids overcome adversity by using the visual of the game of chess.

As I watched Orrin, I was inspired, entertained and motivated by this incredible man. Watching someone rap and play chess at the same time, let alone get an unbelievable message out gave me chills. You can check him out on YouTube.

Do yourself and your kids a favor by watching it!


I understand that this economy is hurting everyone’s bank account but I urge you to reach into your pocket to help his cause. As Orrin says, The life we save may be our own.

Photo: Ralph Zuranski

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