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Gossip Is The Foundation for Bullying

This is just a little tip that can stop bullying before it starts. Do you have a child who comes home from school and “talks about” or “gossips about” other children or teachers?

How do you respond? Do you listen and add your own gossip? Do you ask for more information?


Do you say something along the lines of, “It’s not good to build yourself up by tearing others down. Gossip isn’t welcome here and shouldn’t be welcome anywhere.”

Trust me when I say that this will be the building block that shows a child that demeaning others is not a good thing. Kids are never too young to learn to be kind to others.

Photo: Dottie Mae

Halloween and Special Needs Kids

I want to share a story with you about a wonderful mom and her special needs daughter named Mary Kate. Mary Kate uses a wheelchair to get around.  As the school and students were getting ready for Halloween and the Halloween Parade, Mary Kate’s mom knew that Mary Kate wanted to be a part of the festivities just as much as the kids who didn’t need wheelchairs.

She made a costume for Mary Kate that went all around her wheelchair and looked like a cupcake. She made a hat for Mary Kate that looked like the frosting on the cupcake. Her mom and dad shared her picture with us. Mary Kate looked adorable!

Isn’t it just amazing that so many parents are so proud of their special needs kids and what they are accomplishing? Mary Kate’s mom is the kind of parent that all special needs kids should have because she is awesome!

Maybe Rugby should get dressed up this year as a cupcake for Halloween…but a boy cupcake with blue frosting! What do you think?

Rocko Knows How To Stand Up To Bullies

Bullying success depends so very much on the self esteem and attitude of the person… or animal who is being bullied. I can think of no better example than a little dog named “Rocko” who is my neighbor. He is not a large or commanding type of dog. He is beautifully groomed, small, white andContinue Reading

November Is Rugby’s No Child Left Alone Month!

You have all heard about No Child Left Behind but have you heard about No Child Left Alone? Guess what? November is Rugby’s NCLA Month. (No Child Left Alone) Our mission is to improve the possibility that children will feel safe and connected to caring support no matter what their differences are.  It is so apparent that aContinue Reading

Bullying Fear? Volunteer!

Did you know that more than 38% of the children in special education are the targets of bullies? These kids are especially vulnerable to bullying because they can’t defend themselves or fight back. If the children have special needs that are rooted in social deficits, they might not even know they are being bullied, letContinue Reading

The Power of Teachers: Imogene Hill Turned Jobs’ Won’t Into Will

This post is directed to those of you who are teachers. As we all feel the sadness about the death of Steve Jobs, his story can offer all of us so much insight not just about computers and bullying but about learning and teachers. Steve Jobs’ mother said about her son that he didn’t careContinue Reading

Steve Jobs Overcame Bullying with the Help of His Parents

This post may be one of the most important posts I have ever written because it confirms that fact that very special people are often the targets of bullies. All adults and kids need to remember that. I am writing about and in memory of Steve Jobs. Most of us know Steve Jobs as theContinue Reading

Maggie Goes On A Diet Sends The Wrong Message

There is a new children’s book out called Maggie Goes On A Diet by Paul Kramer. I am so upset because this book sends such a wrong message to young children and especially young girls. While one of the messages is that kids should eat healthy foods and exercise, the stronger message is that overweightContinue Reading

Bullying: Remember the Toddler

For those of you who have kids, little brothers or sisters, nieces or nephews… how do you feel about them? When they were little and reached for your hand while walking, what did you feel? Did you ever take them Trick or Treating and comfort them when they were afraid someone’s mask? Do you rememberContinue Reading

The Golden Rule Applies To Children Too!

Today’s post is a bit of an addendum to my last post. The person who wrote the email was a parent, thus the reason why I mentioned the importance of what kids are taught at home. Since I only quoted a couple of sentences, I understand how some of you have questioned my directing theContinue Reading