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Dear God, Are You There?

Please God, are you there? I’m hoping that you will take some time to teach bullies that being nice can make you feel great. That’s what my prayer is about tonight.

Will you tell them that you don’t want them to call me any more names or be mean to me? Will you tell them that when they laugh at my clothes and shoes that you don’t like it just like I don’t.

God, I’m not old but I know a lot already. I know about how it feels to be alone a lot and afraid. I also know how it feels to hurt so bad because kids are mean to me.

Will you please do me a favor and let the bullies know as they are eating their Thanksgiving dinners that they should start to care and be nice to me? Maybe you could tell them that I will be a good friend if they would be nice to me.

God, I won’t be mean, even if they don’t stop being mean to me. I won’t be mean because you and my mom taught me that being mean won’t make you or her happy. It won’t make me happy either because I feel happier when I am nice to people.

Maybe some of the bullies don’t know about you so maybe you should let them know about you so that they can follow your rules.

Your son was bullied too so I know you understand how I feel, right? Maybe you could even let the parents of the kids who are bullying me know about it.  Maybe you could even let them know about your son Jesus and how much He suffered.

My mom doesn’t know about the bullies because I don’t want her to worry about me. She already worries a lot about not having enough money to feed us and pay the rent.

God, thanks for listening and I’ll thank you even more after you let the bullies and their parents know that bullying is bad and it hurts me a lot.

Oh, also I have saved almost a dollar and I’m going to buy a poor kid something for Christmas with that money and that makes me happy to think about. I’ll let you know the kid’s name after I do it. I forgot, you know everything so you will already know before I do.

Thank you for listening God. I am really happy that you are always there to listen and help me feel like I’m not alone.

I love you. Happy Thanksgiving.


Photo: Nancy Big Crow

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Don’t Finish Their Sentences!

What do you know about people who stutter? Do you try to finish their sentences for them because you get impatient? Please don’t because that is upsetting to people who stutter.

Do you know why people stutter? It’s because of a communication disorder that causes the flow of speech to break and cause repetitions.

There are a few reasons why people stutter.

  • Genetics – 60% of kids who stutter have family members who stutter.
  • Child development – Kids with other speech disorders are more likely to stutter.
  • Neurophysiology – Kids who stutter process speech and language differently than those who do not stutter.
  • Family dynamics – Expectations set to high for a child can cause stuttering.

More than 68 million people in the world stutter and stuttering affects four times as many males and females.

Did you know that often people who stutter can sing without stuttering? Please don’t make fun of kids who stutter or talk about them behind their backs. Adults please be there for them and protect them.

Photo: Denyse

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Flea Market Bullies

At a flea market today, I saw a boy of about four, pull a bunch of t-shirts ff of someone’s table and then stomp them into the dirt.  The mother watched as the lady behind the table tried to pick them up. She had tears in her eyes and didn’t say a word. Then the… Continue Reading

Care and Be There – November Is Rugby’s No Child Left Alone Month!

November is Rugby’s NCLA Month A.K.A. No Child Left Alone Month! The purpose of this site is to share the message that people, especially kids should take pride in their differences and their accomplishments. Our goal is to help all kids feel safe and connected to people who care and will be there for them.… Continue Reading