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Is Your Child Out There For The Taking?

This subject has been mentioned here before but clearly, it’s time to mention it again. Please take heed to what I am going to say because it might save your child from a terrible experience. Social media can be and often is very dangerous!

Quite by accident, I came across a friend’s child’s Facebook profile. It was public for all to see. I told her mom about the information that I saw and my concerns. I asked her how old her daughter is and I expected her to tell me thirteen or fourteen or fifteen. Her daughter is only eleven.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, kids younger than sixteen should not be using social media! My friend is a good mom and she is attentive to her kids but like so many parents, she succumbs to, “Everyone else is allowed to use Facebook.”

With very little effort, I was able to see where the child goes to school, where she has activities, her younger sister’s age and where she goes to school and has activities. In addition, I saw the locations of where many pictures were taken. I also saw the list of her friends. Many of which did not fit the scenario of the kind of friends that an eleven year old should have. In addition, I was able to see where her mom works and that there is a “gap” in the time that the girls get home from school and the time that their mom arrives home.

Please take this seriously. Don’t let your children use social media because “all the other kids can.”

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Teddy Bears & Hugs or Gummy Bears & Vodka?

What do you know about the kinds of things that your kids know about? The subject of this post is one that you might choose to ignore. Trust me when I say that if you care, you should read it. The fact is that there are even more children who might be at risk than most people think.

How old are your children? Do you think that they are too young to know about or use drugs and alcohol? How about their friends?

What would you say if I told you that kids as young as eight and ten are using alcohol and drugs? Did you know that Gummy Bears are being soaked in vodka and eaten by grammar school kids during school?

Did you know that bath salts  have become one of the most dangerous drugs that can cause death?  How about plant food? What do you know about the dangers that plant food can cause for children??

Parents, aunts and uncles, older siblings and all adults…please tune in. Do your homework and communicate with the kids you love. It might just save a life.

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New Years: A Time To Look Up

What could be better than waking up on the first day of 2012 and going outside to see this picture? That is a sure sign that 2012 is going to be amazing. My suggestion for you today is to find something positive about every single thing that happens today. Remember that people are as happy… Continue Reading