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Chardon High School: Every High School

This post is not about bullying. It is a post about the loss of more innocent lives. It is an effort to wake people up to the fact that there are often signs that are indicative of potential tragedy.

CHARDON, OHIO was the scene of yet another violent act at a school. This time, a young man by the name of T.J. Lane is alleged to have shot three students. According to the Geauga County Prosecutor David Joyce, T.J. confessed taking a gun and a knife to school the day of the shootings.

He is quoted as saying, “He chose them randomly.” At a news conference, Joyce said that Lane was “not well” and that the incident had nothing to do with bullying or drugs. TJ Lane admitted firing 10 shots with a .22-caliber pistol Monday morning at Chardon High School.

Chardon, Ohio’s residents are uniting in the same way that so many residents of other towns have united in the past. As they bond, their voices echo why and how? How did this young man slip through the cracks?  Why didn’t someone pick up on the fact that something was so wrong? Apparently, Lane had posted a troubled poem on Facebook. I keep wondering why someone, anyone and everyone didn’t do something when they read his disturbing words.

In a quaint lonely town, sits a man with a frown. No job. No family. No crown.

His luck had run out. Lost and alone. The streets were his home… I am Death… Die, all of you.

Have the courage to care enough to react when you witness something wrong. Dare to make a difference.  That is the only way that potential tragedies will remain potential and not actual.

Chardon High School is every school in every town and what happened there can happen anywhere.

May you rest in peace Daniel Parmertor and Russell King Jr. and Demetrius Hewlin.

May God help your families and friends endure this pain and grow from it. Give all of us the strength to make a difference in some way… so that no more young lives will be lost senselessly.

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Am I Ugly?

As if the internet and especially social media sites and YouTube are not already places where kids are getting bullied, now youngsters are basically asking to be bullied. My last post mentioned the dangers of webcams. This post is on a similar subject.

The Am I Ugly? webcam videos that are being posted to YouTube give new meaning to reasons why parents must stay focused on their kids’ internet activities. Go to YouTube and you will see what I mean. Just type Am I Ugly? in the search box. This modern version of Mirror, mirror on the wall… is dangerous.

Basically, what is happening is that children with low self-esteem are asking the cyber world if they are ugly. The comments that are made on the videos range from kind to cruel, perverted and sick.

Many of the kids in these videos look to be about 11 or 12 years old.  They are calling out to possible bullies and predators. They have no idea how much information they are sharing about themselves.

Parents, please talk to your kids every day about the dangers of internet, social media and webcams. Make sure you have all of their passwords and follow what they are doing on a daily basis. The same holds true with smart phones.

Even better than just talking, watch some of these videos with them and let them see and talk about what is in each video. Be prepared for the possibility that they have already seen them. Hopefully they will not be in any of them.

I copied a few of the comments made on one of these videos.

Love Your Not Ugly!

People that told you that you are ugly their ugly themselfes!


I live in sweden we don’t have trailer parks you fat ignorant piece a — But you live in America and everyone in America knows that America is the “best”. Your country is going to — and you know it!

people shouldn’t make fun of you. You’re above average!!

Her forehead, it just looks swollen

Yes you need to cover that forehead it looks like a blue whale

Girl, you’re not ugly, just fix your hair up doll

People that told you that you are ugly their ugly themselfes!

Why do you care b—

ugly ugly

The girl is blighted with weird eyes and a huge forehead, that’s a fact.

 yes , u r ugly.

You tell me how a middle school child would react to these comments. How would your child react?

Photo: GoodNCrazy

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Who Is Watching Your Child?

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Another Child Is Gone

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