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Allergies: What’s The Dif Between Bullies & Jif?

Children with peanut allergies can die if they come in contact with peanuts.

Children with bullying allergies can die if they come in contact with bullies.








If you look away, bullies stay.

Don’t even try if you start with a lie.

Don’t pretend – apprehend!

If your child has food allergies, make it your mission to protect your child and protect a bullied child with an allergy to bullies. Children must be protected from things that place them at risk!!

Today is the day to do something!

Dare to care about a child besides your own!

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I’m Allergic To Peanuts and Bullies

I am allergic to bullies. My friends are allergic to other things but they can take medicine or just avoid the things that cause their allergic reactions.

I’m not that lucky because I can’t avoid the bullies. They are everywhere. There is no medicine I can take to make me feel better. Some have said that anti-depression medicine helps if someone who is bullied gets depressed. Guess what I think? I think that the answer is to stop bullying flat out. That way anti-depression medicine wouldn’t be suggested as an answer to help bullied kids.

Just so you know, my symptoms are the same as the kids who are allergic to other things.

When I am bullied or think about being bullied, this is what happens.

  • I have a hard time breathing and my chest gets tight.
  • My eyes water. Some call it crying.
  • My face turns red and swells.
  • I get nauseous and get stomach aches.
  • I feel afraid.
  • I want to take something or do something to feel better.
  • My health is threatened.

Are you allergic to bullies? What are the people who love you doing to help your health? What are they doing to keep you safe?

What are you doing to help yourself?

Remember: There is no magic “anti-bully medicine” but there is a powerful anti-bully remedy. That remedy is called  ZERO TOLERANCE!

Make yourself heard. Tell a trusted adult that you are allergic to bullies. Remind him or her that kids with bad allergies are at risk kids and schools help them. Say that kids with peanut allergies are protected and say that you want to be protected from bullies just like they are protected from peanuts.

You can do it!

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