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Is Your Child Well Groomed? Please say, “No.”

When I was a kid, being well groomed meant that people had clean and ironed clothes, clean hair that was combed appropriately, shined shoes and if they were male, cleanly shaven. When someone was described as well groomed, it was a compliment.

It doesn’t mean the same thing today. The meaning has taken a frightening turn. Well groomed is now the description of a child who has been set up by a predator. It describes a child who is ripe for a predator to abuse or molest or worse.

Parents, I can’t be more emphatic about warning you about your children’s on line activities. The danger is real.

Your child could be part of the statistics.

  • One in five teenagers state they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation via the Web.
  • One in four children has been exposed to pornographic material online.
  • One in three children have parents who are actively protecting their children’s on line activities.
  • Three out of four children willingly share their personal information on line.
  • One in four children has advised an adult about sexual approaches online.
  • One in thirty three has received aggressive sexual solicitation. (This means that predators have directed the child to meet in person, called the child on the phone or sent the child money and or gifts via US mail.)
  • Seventy seven percent of the targets are over fourteen and twenty two percent are only ten to thirteen years old.

So parents, I ask you again, Is your child well groomed? If you don’t protect your children, who will?

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