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Adult Bullying: Karen Klein

We have all heard about Karen Klein who was the bus monitor, bullied by some boys on the bus. The bullying story was shared all over the internet and people saw that bullying doesn’t just happen to kids.

There are two takeaways from this post and they are:

  • People of all ages get bullied.
  • Parents must give appropriate consequences to their children for bad behavior. They must acknowledge and praise good behavior.

It’s that simple.

Parents must take responsibility for their children’s actions.

Look at the YouTube video and listen to the cruel words that these boys are saying to Karen Kline.

Were they bullies before they bullied Karen Klein? Where did they learn this behavior? Did they say similar things at school or at home previously? Did anyone notice? Were there repercussions for their poor behavior?

Watch your kids. Listen to your kids. Give appropriate consequences. Please.

Below, is the video that was viewed by over 1,566,546 people on YouTube. (Please be aware that the video has some disturbing content.)

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