About Rugby

This is a true story.  Author Claudia Broome, better than anyone, knows the character and voice of her rascally dog Rugby Jones. When a freak accident paralyzed her beloved pet, she realized he owned the courage and determination to recover. Together they worked out a different kind of life for Rugby Jones – and in the process grew even closer than before.

Claudia decided to write Rugby’s adventures from his own point of view and with children of all ages in mind, especially those who struggle with a “different-ness” that can set them apart from others.

Rugby and his wheelchair Zoomie could just as easily be any person in a wheelchair, any person who suffers from obesity, any person who is mentally challenged or any person with a life-threatening illness whose world is his bed.

His Can Do attitude goes far beyond what the adult world calls disability. For Rugby, it is all about ability, the ability to live every day fully regardless of his particular circumstance.

Written in Rugby Jones’ lovably-cocky six-year old voice, The Tail of Rugby Jones will captivate children and adults alike with its message of:

  • hope in a hopeless circumstance
  • courage to be different in a “let’s be alike” world
  • determined to take the “dis” out of disability
  • Unexpected trust that comes from unconditional love

He lives with a “can do” attitude and because of that he has become an example of the fact that life is what each of us makes it. Rugby Jones offers a convincing message to everyone who reads, listens or watches him make his way through the ups and downs of life. That message is based on love, belief, courage and a positive attitude. Rugby’s heartwarming and humorous narrative is filled with hope and understanding as he shares his earnest lessons on life.

Guess what? Rugby just might be your hero if you give him the chance.