The “Tail” of Rugby Jones


Chapter Two

My First Visit to Dr. Dave

My life on the farm was very busy. I followed my mom around as she did her chores. I loved to lie in the center aisle of the barn and let the breeze blow through my hair. I could see what was going on, but I could also take naps when I needed to. Sometimes my mom would finish her chores early and throw the ball for me to bring back to her.

One day, my front leg started to hurt and I began to limp. My mom told me that she was going to take me to the doctor. She took me to see Dr. Dave, and he said I needed to have surgery. Dr. Dave said I had to go to a special bone surgeon.

You might know that there are all kinds of doctors who know a lot about all different parts of the body. I thought all doctors were the same before that day. See, I told you I know a lot!

So I had surgery on the bone in my leg and then went back to see Dr. Dave for a follow up. Do you know what a follow up is? I do, so I’ll tell you. You go back to the doctor for a follow up visit after you have surgery or have been sick so that he can check to make sure everything is great and working perfectly.

Well, Dr. Dave told my mom I was as good as new. We both already knew I was great, but it was good to hear Dr. Dave say it. Don’t you agree? I really liked Dr. Dave a lot. He was very smart and very nice – and Dr. Dave always had treats for me.

I didn’t mind visiting Dr. Dave because he always knew what to do if I didn’t feel exactly right. It’s nice to know that your doctor really cares about you and that he is very smart. Guess what? I think Dr. Dave might be a little smarter than I am, and that’s very smart.

I barely remember that surgery because I was so little. Besides, after that surgery, just like Dr. Dave said, I was as good as new. I was just about perfect. Well, maybe except that my ears were still pretty big. Do you believe that I had big ears then? I think I already asked you that.