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Rugby Jones Speaks from the Heart

Rugby Jones

Hi. My name is Rugby and I am a dog.

I hope you’re a kid and not a green frog.

‘Cuz frogs won’t get what I’m going to say.

All frogs think about is saying, “rivet” all day.


I act like a kid and talk like one too.

And all that I want is to be friends with you.

Do you feel different or hurt in some way?

I sure do at times every single day.


If you’re like me, sometimes you’re sad.

And that’s okay ‘cuz sad is not bad!

I used to be just like all other dogs.

I could run and play and jump over logs.


Then everything changed the day I got hurt.

I needed to get wheels ‘cuz my legs didn’t work.

Is there something about you that isn’t the same?

And other kids laugh and you feel ashamed?


I love being different ‘cuz that makes me cool.

Now that we’re friends, let’s visit your school.

Everyone will know that we are so tight.

And kids will be nice ‘cuz they know I can bite.


Isn’t that great? It’s you and it’s me.

We’ll always be friends. I hope you agree.

Wherever we go, no one is the same.

They are different colors and don’t have the same name.


There are kids who are dark and kids who are light.

Kids who can’t hear and kids with no sight.

There are kids who are wide and kids who are tall.

And kids who don’t know that they are children at all.


There are kids who are fast and kids who are slow

And kids who play ball and kids who can sew.

There are kids who are rich and kids who are poor.

Kids climbing trees and kids on the floor.


There are kids with one leg and kids with one arm.

Kids from the city and kids from a farm.

Now what do you think about you and about me?

We may be different but so are kids that we see.

Rugby Jones

Knowing everyone’s different in some way

Can make us feel better and brighten our day.

So let’s make the most of what we can do.

It’s all about me and it’s all about you.


We are the ones who can reach up to the stars

The future is great ‘cuz the future is ours.

So now that you get that it’s great to be you.

Let’s teach that to all so they’ll get it too.


So what is the message that kids need to know?

It’s about understanding and making it grow.

It’s not about wrong or about being right.

It’s about having courage and avoiding the fight.


Now that we’re friends, we can always stand tall

Even if we’re short or can’t walk at all.

Being your friend will be my new role

Pride in your differences will be your new goal.


Are you feeling ready? I am so let’s go!

It’s you and it’s me meeting new friends and foe.

So what do you think that we should do next?

I have some ideas and they’re based on respect.

Rugby Jones

Respect and kindness will help us be strong.

When there is more kindness, more kids will belong.

Understanding all others is what we have learned.

Respect and acceptance is what we have earned.


You are my buddy and we are both cool!

Let’s show the whole world that differences rule!

Rugby Jones

rugby jones

Keenia Williams and Ellen

keenia williamsSometimes there is good news and sometimes there is some not so good news and that makes me feel sad. I know we can’t always hear about happy things but sometimes that’s exactly what we need. Today was one of those days for me because I felt a little sad about something. Then my mom and I watched the Ellen show and what we saw made us cry happy tears and now we both feel happy. I want you to know the story about Keenia Williams so that it can make you happy but also because maybe you can help her.

Keenia Williams’ daughter thinks she is a super hero and with good reason. On two different occasions over several years, Keenia Williams happened to be in the vicinity of serious car accidents. How she reacted showed great courage, strength and love for her fellow man. She managed to get the accident victims out of a tangled car and burning truck in order to save them. With almost super human strength, she saved their lives. Keenia made her daughter proud enough to tell anyone and everyone about her “super hero” mom.

Keenia said that she didn’t have the best life growing up. She said she wouldn’t change any of it because it helped her to be strong. Keenia said that her life has helped her to teach her daughter not to be selfish and to appreciate everything she is given. She said, “All I want to do is provide for my daughter.” If you watch the video below, you will understand why we want to add her to our Wall of Heroes.

Keenia is having a difficult time earning money in her area and is trying to get a job. PLEASE! If you know of anyone who might be able to help her get a job, you can you can read the next paragraph from Ellen’s show and do something to help her.

“Ellen met Keenia and was astounded by her spirit. Keenia is looking for work in the San Francisco area. Her dream is to work with at-risk youth and to help them get back on their feet. She has experience working with non-profit organizations and would certainly make an amazing addition to any organization. If you have a job for Keenia, or any leads she should know about, send them to us right here. “

Keenia Williams is the newest member on my wall of heroes. Partly because she saved those two people but even more because of the way she is mothering her daughter. That little girl may not have all the money that she might want but she sure has a great start to her life with one of the best mothers ever!

Keenia Williams

Keenia Williams you go girl! You are my hero too and that’s why you are on Rugby’s Hero Wall!

Thanksgiving Wish – The Children

A Thanksgiving Wish for Children Everywhere Let there be someone who cares enough to make sure that a hungry child is fed. Let the children who have food learn to share. Let the oppressed children experience freedom. Let the children who are afraid learn that there are people who can be trusted. Let the childrenContinue Reading