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Keenia Williams and Ellen

keenia williamsSometimes there is good news and sometimes there is some not so good news and that makes me feel sad. I know we can’t always hear about happy things but sometimes that’s exactly what we need. Today was one of those days for me because I felt a little sad about something. Then my mom and I watched the Ellen show and what we saw made us cry happy tears and now we both feel happy. I want you to know the story about Keenia Williams so that it can make you happy but also because maybe you can help her.

Keenia Williams’ daughter thinks she is a super hero and with good reason. On two different occasions over several years, Keenia Williams happened to be in the vicinity of serious car accidents. How she reacted showed great courage, strength and love for her fellow man. She managed to get the accident victims out of a tangled car and burning truck in order to save them. With almost super human strength, she saved their lives. Keenia made her daughter proud enough to tell anyone and everyone about her “super hero” mom.

Keenia said that she didn’t have the best life growing up. She said she wouldn’t change any of it because it helped her to be strong. Keenia said that her life has helped her to teach her daughter not to be selfish and to appreciate everything she is given. She said, “All I want to do is provide for my daughter.” If you watch the video below, you will understand why we want to add her to our Wall of Heroes.

Keenia is having a difficult time earning money in her area and is trying to get a job. PLEASE! If you know of anyone who might be able to help her get a job, you can you can read the next paragraph from Ellen’s show and do something to help her.

“Ellen met Keenia and was astounded by her spirit. Keenia is looking for work in the San Francisco area. Her dream is to work with at-risk youth and to help them get back on their feet. She has experience working with non-profit organizations and would certainly make an amazing addition to any organization. If you have a job for Keenia, or any leads she should know about, send them to us right here. “

Keenia Williams is the newest member on my wall of heroes. Partly because she saved those two people but even more because of the way she is mothering her daughter. That little girl may not have all the money that she might want but she sure has a great start to her life with one of the best mothers ever!

Keenia Williams

Keenia Williams you go girl! You are my hero too and that’s why you are on Rugby’s Hero Wall!

Therapy Dog – Rugby Jones

therapy dogGuess what? I am going to try to learn how to be a therapy dog because I love kids so much and I know I can help. I have had some things happen in my life that have been difficult and those things helped me to be a better dog. They have helped me to have a better attitude about overcoming adversity. I know that I will be able to be more understanding when a kid has problems because I have had them too.  I think those are very important things for a therapy dog to know.

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly that it actually hurt? Well that’s how I feel about becoming a therapy dog. There are so many kids who have special needs and I know they need me.

Some of the kids just need to know that there is a cuddly someone who loves them unconditionally… someone who doesn’t want anything from them. Someone who just cares… I mean really cares. That’s me!

Therapy Dog

I will do whatever it takes to be a therapy dog. I know it will be hard work and I know that I have a lot to learn but I am determined to do what it takes! I know I can do it because I am very smart! I won’t be able to be a therapy dog for kids who would need me to run up and down stairs because I am on wheels but I can do other things. Besides, most places have ramps that are wheelchair accessible for   people in wheelchairs. I have used those ramps before and they work for me too.

I obey very well and I stand when I’m told to stand. I don’t bark when I’m not supposed to bark. I don’t eat people food, well except when my mom gives me liver. Did you know that I just love liver? Well I do but only on special occasions. Do you like liver? A lot of kids don’t. Look at this picture. Can you tell how much I want to eat those tasty treats? Well I do but I am so well behaved that I don’t even try! How cool is that?

I’ll let you know how my training goes. I know you will be in my corner and will wish me the best on my therapy dog training.

Military Heroes

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Bullying Breaks Spirits

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Special Needs Kids Christmas Gift

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Thanksgiving Wish – The Children

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Disabled Boy Swims with Disabled Dolphin

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Find A Way!

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Be A Diamond!

Thought for the day: Life is a grindstone. It can grind you down or polish you. It all depends on you!