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Election Day ~ Setting Examples

Election DayElection Day is today. That means that today is the day that adults vote for the people they want to be in office. Do you know what I don’t get? They are supposed to set an example for kids but it seems like that isn’t happening when there are elections. On the TV there are all kinds of ads telling people that this person lies or this person doesn’t pay taxes or this person doesn’t care about people.

Why don’t they talk about the things that could set a good example for kids? I don’t think there are any schools that would allow Election Day as a time to badmouth the other kids who are running for office. I don’t think they would let a kid call another kid a liar just to get more votes. Why should adults be allowed to do unkind things just because it is Election Day?

Election Day ~ Setting Examples

I heard a man say a curse word in the store the other day. Election DayThen I heard the son say the same word and the dad yelled at him. He told him never to say that word. The boy said, “But you said it Dad.” Then I heard the dad say something that didn’t make any sense. I heard him say,  “Do as I say not as I do!” 

Why would any adult think that kids won’t copy the things that they do? I mean that is really dumb. Kids think their parents are everything and they want to be like them so they want to do the same things that their parents do. If a parent calls someone a liar or stupid, the kids will think that they can and should call other kids names.

I may not be an adult but I get it. I get that Election Day is a day that adults can teach kids a lot about how to live their lives in a kind way. That means that politicians, parents, teachers and every single adult everywhere should set a good example by good actions. They shouldn’t expect kids to do as they say but not as they do.

Lonely Kid – How to Help

lonely kidDo you know a lonely kid who needs a friend? Maybe the lonely kid is your kid or maybe the kid is someone else’s kid. It doesn’t matter whose kid it is. What matters is that you do something to help that lonely kid because all kids need friends.

Maybe the kid is different in some way or maybe the kid is new to the school or neighborhood. Maybe the kid has a learning disability. Whatever the reason is that the kid doesn’t have friends, you need to help in some way. Sometimes adults understand things better than kids do so you need to take charge and do something to help the kid.

How to Help a Lonely Kid

There are some easy things you can do. If the kid isn’t your kid, you can suggest that your kid makes friends with the lonely kid. If the kid is a student and you are a teacher, you can do something to get the kid involved with other kids. Like you could break the class into small groups and do it in a way that the lonely kid would be in a group of kids that would be nice. That way it will be easier for the lonely kid to make friends.

If the kid is your kid, you can connect with other parents and invite other kids over to your house so that your kid has a chance to make friends. If the lonely kid is your kid, a great thing to do would be to get the kid a pet to love. I especially like dogs and you can probably guess why. Dogs are amazing friends for kids. A lonely kid won’t be as lonely if the kid has a dog for a best friend. Dogs get what lonely kids are feeling. Dogs just love and love and they make lonely kids feel less lonely.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to do something to help a lonely kid. You will help a lonely kid won’t you?