Bruno got caught in the act!


Isn’t my new friend Bruno absolutely adorable? Well he is…even though he was in big trouble¬† for helping his mom do the dishes. He didn’t help her dry them. He only helped her…sort of rinse them. Bruno is a French Bull Dog and that breed is pretty rare and very special. Guess what? Bruno snores when he sleeps. I don’t snore when I sleep but I do make other noises.

He is a lot like my sister Katie ‘cuz he gets very cold and needs to wear a coat…even inside the house when it’s cold.

There is a big snow storm coming here to Pennsylvania tonight and I know that Bruno will need his coat when he goes out in the snow tomorrow. I wonder if he needs snow boots for the snow. I bet he just might. I’ll let you know all about that after we shovel out in the morning.

Yippee! The snow and Santa are almost here! Yippee!

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