Our Hero: Freddie Combs on The X-Factor

The X Factor is a show that gives new entertainers the chance to become great. Well, maybe some of the contestants are already great but they are not famous…yet.

Freddie Combs auditioned and you could see smirks on a lot of the faces in the audience and on the faces of some of the judges. It was pretty obvious why. Freddie was pushed onto the stage in a wheelchair…a very big wheelchair because Freddie is very big. He almost died in 2009 because he weighed over 920 pounds. He worked hard and lost almost 400 pounds! Now he weighs only 540 pounds.

A lot of people get laughed at when they are different.  You could tell people were waiting for him to fail because he was so obese. After all, how could a man who weighs over 500 pounds have any talent? How could he be great? At least that is what people were thinking but guess what? Freddie surprised everyone because he could really sing and he was nice and he had a lot of courage.

You could tell that everyone was shocked when he started to sing and there were a lot of teary eyes. He was fantasticomundo and everyone knew it!

Do you know anyone who is obese? Do you make fun or are you kind? Do you offer your support? You need to remember that every obese person isn’t lucky enough to have a fantastic voice so be nice to all of the plain old obese people because they need kindness too.

Freddie Combs is our hero. You can be a hero too!

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