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Dan “The Man” and More

DAN 2012Today’s post is about the life of Danny Boy. Danny lived a life that was constantly evolving. When he joined our family, he was not confident in his own rite. That changed quickly because Danny soon understood that he had a purpose and he had to step up to the plate.

Danny had a job to do and that job was to take care of his human brother. His human brother needed him and Danny took his job seriously. The years went by so quickly and Danny and his human brother had to go in different directions when his human brother left for college.

He came home and visited Dan often and it was always the same. Danny was content to sleep in his arms or on the couch… right next to him. They had an amazing bond. Sometimes Dan would go with him to college.

Yesterday, it was time for Danny to say goodbye to all of the people he loved because he was very old. Dan was a 100 years old in dog years and he was tired.

Danny made a difference in our lives with his love and character. Dan had a heart as big as any heart could be. Danny understood and lived forgiveness and love. We feel an emptiness now but we are confident that he is in a better place.

The following is a video of Dan taken a few years ago. Hopefully it will bring a smile to all of you who knew Danny.

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