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Benefit of the Doubt – Bullies

Benefit of the DoubtWhere are the bullies? Can you pick out the bullies on this image? Pay close attention and give each character the “benefit of the doubt.” Do you know what “benefit of the doubt” means? Well, I do so I’ll tell you.

Giving someone the “benefit of the doubt” means that if you aren’t positive that someone is doing something wrong, you give them a chance to show you that they are not doing something wrong.

So let’s look at these pictures and try to figure out which ones are bullies for sure!

Giving the “benefit of the doubt”

  1. It is pretty obvious that there is no bully in this picture. One boy is hugging another boy who is crying.
  2. This girl looks like she might be a bully because of how she is pointing with her finger and has an ugly look on her face. But if we give her the “benefit of the doubt” it could be that she is telling someone not to bully someone else. So she might NOT be a bully.
  3. This boy doesn’t look like a bully but what if he just took the basketball from the boy who is crying in number 1? If he did, he just might be a bully.
  4. This girl doesn’t look like a bully BUT maybe she is saying that she was just joking when she said something unkind to someone. Maybe she is a bully.
  5. This girl is crying so probably she didn’t bully anyone. It looks more like she was hurt in some way.
  6. This is just a big green frog. He may or may not be a bully frog because how would we know if he bullies other frogs? We should give him the “benefit of the doubt.”
  7. Well what do you think about my friend and me in this picture? I know for sure that I am not a bully and I know that my friend isn’t a bully either!
  8. This girl looks upset. Is she a bully? Maybe and maybe not so let’s give her the “benefit of the doubt.”
  9. This character may be a bully or maybe he isn’t one. How can we tell? We can’t so let’s give him the “benefit of the doubt” because we shouldn’t judge him because of his appearance. I’m sure you agree!
  10. This girl is laughing at someone or something. Is she a bully? Let’s give her the “benefit of the doubt” but look at how she is laughing. Does it look like she is laughing in a nice way or does it look like she is laughing in an unkind way? Hmmm… it looks like she might be a bully.
  11. This picture is very obvious. One boy is tripping another boy. What kind of kid trips someone else? Since we can see that he is doing something mean, most likely he IS a bully.
  12. Hmm… this is a mouse and mice scare a lot of people and that means he could be a bully. But let’s give him the “benefit of the doubt.” Just because mice scare people and he is a mouse, it doesn’t mean that he is a bully mouse.

What lesson did this teach you? I would love to hear from you! (As long as you get permission from your parents or another responsible adult.)

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Stop Bullying: Rugby Jones

stop bullyingStop Bullying with Rugby Jones is a video that Grace and Leia created. They are on a mission to help their friend Rugby Jones stop bullying. Grace and Leia made this video and used puppets to help children understand how unkind words can hurt and may cause someone who is bullied to bully others. Stop bullying and standing up for bullied kids is a message that should be shared with all kids of all ages.

Kids are never too young to be taught that empathy and kindness make everyone feel better about themselves and make the world a better place. Rugby Jones gets it and Grace and Leia get it. How about the kids you know? Do they get it?

Stop Bullying!

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Empathy Is Caring

When I think about things that have made me the happiest, I think about people and animals that have shown how much they care because they had empathy. Empathy shows caring. Don’t you agree? It’s really strange because I keep hearing people say that money will make them happy or a bigger house or a… Continue Reading