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Moving Away

moving awayDo you know how hard it is on kids when they are moving away and changing schools? Well, I can tell you that it’s really hard. There are a lot of reasons and adults need to understand what they have to go through so that they can help to make it easier for them.

Don’t ever lie to your kids about moving away but that doesn’t mean that you should tell them things that are not meant for children to know. Remember that adults should deal with adult things and children should only need to deal with children’s things.

Don’t make promises about moving away that you can’t keep. That may help in the beginning but it won’t help later on. In fact it will usually make things worse because the kids will be disappointed plus they won’t believe things that you tell them in the future.

The most important thing to remember is that kids need to feel safe, secure and loved. Moving away to a bigger or better house really doesn’t matter to kids. They are afraid of changing schools and friends and being uprooted from all that they have known.

Moving Away

Take the kids to visit the new school they will be attending. It would be very helpful if they could meet some of the kids and that way they will know kids when school starts. That will make them feel a little more secure.

It will also help if the kids can see the new house or apartment before they move. It will also help if they know they can take their toys and pets with them.

Pets really help kids to feel happier if they move away or when life changes. Even though I think the best pets are dogs, having dogs isn’t always possible. Another good pet is a cat. Sometimes kids like gerbils and guinea pigs. If none of these are possible, fish can also be good pets.



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Election Day ~ Setting Examples

Election DayElection Day is today. That means that today is the day that adults vote for the people they want to be in office. Do you know what I don’t get? They are supposed to set an example for kids but it seems like that isn’t happening when there are elections. On the TV there are all kinds of ads telling people that this person lies or this person doesn’t pay taxes or this person doesn’t care about people.

Why don’t they talk about the things that could set a good example for kids? I don’t think there are any schools that would allow Election Day as a time to badmouth the other kids who are running for office. I don’t think they would let a kid call another kid a liar just to get more votes. Why should adults be allowed to do unkind things just because it is Election Day?

Election Day ~ Setting Examples

I heard a man say a curse word in the store the other day. Election DayThen I heard the son say the same word and the dad yelled at him. He told him never to say that word. The boy said, “But you said it Dad.” Then I heard the dad say something that didn’t make any sense. I heard him say,  “Do as I say not as I do!” 

Why would any adult think that kids won’t copy the things that they do? I mean that is really dumb. Kids think their parents are everything and they want to be like them so they want to do the same things that their parents do. If a parent calls someone a liar or stupid, the kids will think that they can and should call other kids names.

I may not be an adult but I get it. I get that Election Day is a day that adults can teach kids a lot about how to live their lives in a kind way. That means that politicians, parents, teachers and every single adult everywhere should set a good example by good actions. They shouldn’t expect kids to do as they say but not as they do.

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Bullied and Ignored in Fosston

When parents are aware of bullying situations involving their children and nothing is being done to help, frustration is heightened. Such is the case with a mother named Sarah Cymbaluk. She resorted to  uploading a video on Facebook to make people aware of the fact that her daughter was being bullied. Apparently, the bullied child… Continue Reading