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Stop Bullying: Rugby Jones

stop bullyingStop Bullying with Rugby Jones is a video that Grace and Leia created. They are on a mission to help their friend Rugby Jones stop bullying. Grace and Leia made this video and used puppets to help children understand how unkind words can hurt and may cause someone who is bullied to bully others. Stop bullying and standing up for bullied kids is a message that should be shared with all kids of all ages.

Kids are never too young to be taught that empathy and kindness make everyone feel better about themselves and make the world a better place. Rugby Jones gets it and Grace and Leia get it. How about the kids you know? Do they get it?

Stop Bullying!

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Just Joking?

just jokingJust Joking is something bullies say. Jokes are funny and jokes make everyone laugh but it is not just joking if everyone isn’t laughing. Do you ever hear someone say, “I didn’t mean anything… I was I was just joking?” Bullies don’t have to hit or pinch or say mean things. Sometimes bullies just laugh and that’s all it takes to hurt someone and ruin their day. Do you ever laugh at someone when he or she falls down, spills something or makes a mistake? I hope not because if you came to visit me here, I want you to be my friend. MY friends aren’t mean. In fact MY friends try to help people and animals when they are hurting or sad or being bullied. MY friends stand up to bullies and they make a difference for so many people and animals.

Just Joking?

I can’t walk away when I see someone being bullied. I have to do something and I hope you feel the same way and stick up for those who are being bullied. Everyone has to do their part and everyone has to be friends with the kids who are being bullied. Many times the bully will back dowjust jokingn if someone tells them to stop. Guess what? Sometimes bullies become bullies because they were bullied themselves. Sometimes they need to have someone explain things to them about just joking.

Sometimes you can say something like, “How would you feel if you were jumping rope and fell down and someone pointed at you and laughed at you?” Would you feel sad? Why do you want to make anyone feel sad? Would you think that they were just joking?

Please come back and visit soon because there are some special kids who are trying to do their part to make a difference and put an end to bullying.

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Rugby’s Maze

Rugby’s Maze is the game for today. Guess What?  I thought it would be fun to add some activities for you to do here. This one is very easy. Just get your mom, dad or teacher to print “Rugby’s Maze” on a piece of paper for you. The only other thing you need is a… Continue Reading