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Bullied and Ignored in Fosston

bulliedWhen parents are aware of bullying situations involving their children and nothing is being done to help, frustration is heightened. Such is the case with a mother named Sarah Cymbaluk. She resorted to  uploading a video on Facebook to make people aware of the fact that her daughter was being bullied.

Apparently, the bullied child went into the principal’s office more than five times and tried to explain the bullying that occurred on the playground and on the bus. According to the child’s mother, this precious little girl was told to ignore the bullying and all that she was experiencing as a bullied target.


Bullied and Ignored in Fosston

Nohner, the Fosston Superintendent says that he was unaware of the bullying situation and that the issue had slipped through the cracks. That is unacceptable… tragic… heart wrenching… inexcusable and downright wrong! He seemed to be exasperated by the fact that Sarah Cymbaluk had posted the video of her children crying and talking about the bullying on Facebook.

Nohner is quoted as saying, “I found out about the situation a couple of days ago and I think it could have been resolved without going to Facebook.” Obviously that is not true because nobody did anything to help this innocent child for more than four months. It wasn’t until the video was posted on Facebook that anyone seemed to care or react.

Even worse was the following statement from Superintendent Nohner, “Obviously somewhere down the line it fell through the cracks. So we need to review our procedures and policies and do a better job articulating to the parents what we’re doing.” How can a person who is in the position of being a school superintendent make an excuse like that? How can people in authority ignore the pleas of an 8 year old bullied child?

Sarah Cymbaluk posted a video of her 8-year-old daughter, Anna, describing bullies at school with her brother, 7-year-old Benjamin. If you watch the video below, you will see the pain that this bullied child is experiencing.

To all mothers… Sarah is an example of a mother’s doing what needed to be done to help her child. If something needs to be done for your child… do something!

Popular Bullying Targets

Bullying TargetsWhen a child is bullied, whose responsibility is it? There are arguments and there are laws but as of now there are no specific answers. It seems to depend on where the bullying occurred and how the bullying was committed. Critics often blame the schools and some blame the parents but what does blame accomplish? The answer is absolutely nothing!

If you have children who are popular, you may think that they will not be bullying targets. That is not true. Since there are more people who are concerned about the causes and repercussions of bullying, more studies are being done.

The fact used to be that popular kids ruled the schools and sometimes that is still true but sometimes it is not. No longer are just the kids who are “different” victimized. There is a recent study that shows that the number of bullying targets who are high on the socially successful ladder in school are at an increased risk of being teased, ostracized and threatened.

Bullying Targets Can Be Popular

This may not make sense to you but there is an explanation about popular bullying targets that does make sense. The reality is that the kids who are “almost” as popular Bullying Targetsare targeting their rivals in order to knock them down a few rungs. That is the “cheaters” way of stealing their places on the top rung of the popularity ladder.

Robert Faris, associate professor of sociology at the University of California Davis and Diane Felmlee, professor of sociology at Pennsylvania State University investigated the subject of bullying targets. Their findings were published in American Sociological Review. They studied more than 4,200 students in the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades during the 2004-2005 school year.

In the fall, they asked students to record their five closest friendships from which they created a “map” that indicated the shortest paths to the most students with a higher social status. The questions were asked again in the spring of the same academic year. They compared the answers with reports of students being victimized. The victimization included verbal insults, physical aggression, being the target of damaging rumors, and continued and relentless harassment.

An example of their findings regarding popular bullying targets:

Students who started the academic year in the 50th popularity percentile and moved into the 95th popularity percentile had a 25% increased chance of being bullied over those who remained in the 50th popularity percentile. This pertained to both boys and girls.

To be continued.

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