Whitney Kropp Is A Hero for Bullied Kids

Whitney Kropp was voted homecoming queen this year. You might think that she would have been happy about it but she wasn’t. The reason why she wasn’t happy was that it was a prank. Kids were making fun of her.

Whitney is quoted as saying, “I felt like ‘piece of trash.” As is often the case, good can come from bad and now the community is rallying around Whitney.  Whitney’s mother explained that the tormenting of her daughter continued on Facebook.

The good news is that so many people rallied and supported her and sent messages that pertained to personal bullying stories. There was so much encouragement given to Whitney.

One of my favorites was,  “I am so proud of this young lady ((((You GO, Girl))))), her family and the awesome community we share! It’s high time we ALL take a stand against bullies. They come in all sizes, ages and social arenas. Be Kind ALWAYS,” Ginger Warren.

There are local businesses that have offered to pay for Whitney’s dinner, gown, shoes and crown for the dance.

This young woman is our newest hero because she used adversity to become stronger. She said, “I’m excited to go because I can prove everyone wrong and say, you know, I’m not this joke that you guys thought of. You guys doing this has made me stronger and I’ve got more self-esteem than what I had.”

Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.” ~ Unknown

Photo: Jodimu

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